Team Apini Therma-Spray is a temperature regulating treatment easily applied at home to any clothing or bedding product you wish to have more thermal comfort associated with.  It is applied to the inside of clothing or the backside of bedding, dried and cured using a tumble dryer and an iron (optional).  One bottle contains enough to do up to a dozen pairs of socks or several shirts/pants or one bed sheet set.  Re-apply as many times as desired to keep that comfort strong and lasting a long time.

Team Apini Therma-Spray

  • The Team Apini treatment is a PCM (phase change material) treatment custom added, on an aftermarket basis, to any textile products (clothing, bedding, etc.) to make a more comfortable product that buffers against getting too hot or too cold.  Ask about our custom treatment services for your currently owned clothing and bedding products.



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